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Timothy: "hole - a fate that hip-hop - the music of life"

Timothy focused. I promised the thorniest issues associated with the fashion for hip-hop and R'n'B. And I'll ask them. Many incredible rumor goes on the activities of Timothy, a graduate of the "American Idol 4". Timothy and not out on these issues. Start once in the forehead: - Many conflicting rumors that "B-Club" is yours. But there is information that is not you. I want to make your point. - It is very simple. There are four people who are co-owners of the society equally. I can tell you the names of two persons -. Me and restaurateur Alexander Sorkin The other two did not want to reveal their name. As co-owner, I bring development strategy to build up the concept artists. Sometimes he will take the microphone and go on stage, do what I find interesting and important. - And the activities of the clubs "Bridge", "Marika"? There was also a co-owner of you? - No, we were there promotion. We have the people and made the party. We were given day, Wednesday or Saturday, and on that day we held her party. Worked for a percentage of the collection. If our level grew, and deserves a certain amount of money - have decided to do everything from beginning to end, what we do in the "B-Club". - You are so focused on actions and club activities? Even hip-hop can not collect in Russia Stadium. - In October, the beginning of my solo-out. Hopefully it will be a decent answer, and I'm ready to play big concerts in large halls status. We have the same general now little artists who can collect the stadium. I see a great future in the direction of hip-hop. And I'm willing to adequately represented him here, and I'm going to bring a lot of famous artists of this genre. And I'm going to invest in the promotion of talented local artists of hip hop. - The material of the new album is closer to the style of the "gang", or will it be something more radical? - I'm not going to lose sight of the fact that some of the songs played on the radio should lose. I remember about the format. But I'm looking for, I try to bring in new hip-hop influences. For example, hip-hop cross with radio. Or even disco. There are plans to play with the rock musicians, and with punk rock. The album will be rosy and bright. Most importantly - very interesting from a musical point of view. Melodic. - First, rap and hip-hop music was protest. Now in America rap read most majors. In Russia we have a marginal protest group "caste", on one side, and all connected with you and Decl, on the other side. How can you link to the original image to protest and some present bourgeois? - It's simple. What was originally a rap? Every poor black man saw fit to protest racial discrimination, poverty and inequality. And it was the music of protest. Well, every black man can do anything to challenge in court and there are many human rights activists - against the protesting what? The man has a contract, and immediately moved from Harlem to Beverly Hills. Sing about the poor living conditions in black neighborhoods, he is not interested. And as hip-hop was about the girls on the positive in life. Decl I know for a long time. We hung on Manezh Square, and one might say: "Hey, little, go get a Coke!" His father told him that he wanted to make it a hip-hop star. But he did not know and did not understand the culture. And I just came from America after it lived for three years. I went to the United States from the institute, because I was intrigued by hip-hop, and went to live in the ghetto. Join a street gang, studied graffiti, breakdance, rap, hip-hop game + become bearers of culture. Alexander Tolmatsky called me and invited to join the project. It was a project "Decl." Later, when A. Tolmatsky lost interest "Moose TV" lost "Media Star" and all the rest - Decl begun to grow their own. But originally it was a project - a bubble. What the "caste" - well, no one does not really know who the parents of these children in Rostov. No one knows, but I do. In the main, Vladi - father psychologist, has great psychological center. And Vladi have always done a lot of money. Legend has it that some of the neighborhood boys - it's just a legend. Sheen - also a child of wealthy parents. The only man in the real soil - Hamil. - Nevertheless, they have - music of protest. Music should carry a positive. Negative - a bad lesson for the younger generation. I do not want to teach, I want to about what to think and actually talk. In life, and so many bad things, I do not want the scene "load" another part of the negative. As agreed at the word of the song that those who do not cut not in glamor - - these fuckers? - The song is called "Fiesta". It's a chorus: "Fiesta, Fiesta, Lohamei not belong here." For each person, there is someone he a chode. The criteria are different. Hole - it's destiny. No money, poorly dressed - and someone thinks it's chode for you. - Who is your goof? - Hole - it's destiny. - But this song is quite clear that for you, do not sit with you in the restaurant - goof. - The song was not intended for the general public. When we started our party in the "bridge", I positioned it as a party of golden youth. Due to the activities of these people the most money. They come with pockets full of money, and they gladly abandoned. They spend - I do. And we have the motto "Lohamei not belong here." For starters. Nobody thinks Chode itself felt they lohami those who have no money. All this was their club anthem. This title will be included in my new album in a modified form - remains choir, and I'm going to write the verses. The song has a much deeper meaning. Not in the very rich and the very poor there. For each person, whoever was it, there is always the other, where he holds a chode. And read the poor people can reach chode, for example. It is a salary, and then steam? - Social irritations Is not apply to music? - I did not notice that I have eased fans and concerts. On the contrary, they are increasing exponentially. No one shows me the facts, no one calls the bourgeois. All friendly. Five years ago there were problems with skinheads. But with the advent of the current president all these Barkashovtsy clamping down. - There are rumors that the awarding of "Moose TV" "50 Cent", arrive for your participation. If not Vyacheslav supporters of "Ars" engaged? - There is a promotional label "VIP 77", the guys with whom I grew up, from childhood. We have extensive experience in reducing the artists of hip-hop and R'n'B. And we work closely with the label "ARS-Records". C in terms of marketing, we have calculated that the visit "50 Cent" is causing great excitement. Then we will take, it is the award "Muz-TV" will be headlining. Together with Vyacheslav Kormiltsev. Contract is signed, now discussed the nuances of the driver. There are always some unexpected difficulties. But to expect up to 90%, that it at the awards ceremony channel "Muz-TV" will appear, and then the after party are - to us. - VIP press steep thumb your relationship with Vika, Igor daughter. Do not spoil your relationship with this cool? - I do not know what the position of the press in the context of my personal life. As if that's the most important thing in my life. Write to Timothy playboy. Yes, I have many friends with whom I associate. My every appearance in public with someone causes a mass of confusing articles. In general, I'm tired of the unhealthy focus on my relationship with women. Therefore, recently, I have decided not to. The women a month This month the theme instead - "work." And no contact with women! No sex, no communication! Even in public, I'll show up alone. This is my self-control, cleaning. People should never me Playboy only as a sexual stimulant to the public or to the image of. This is not the only issue that you can talk to me. - Will play until then homosexual theme. - I'm homophobic. Gay theme - not for me. - A couple of questions from the Internet. Your club was the awarding of the "pun" and allegedly commanded to expel people without clothes on the street. He had to go back to the police. - What nonsense. This is from the gossip. For me this is also news, very interesting (Timothy smiles). I have not heard anything about it. - What was in Samara, where have the "aura" She turned and lifted the presentation by a long delay? - In Samara, we were on the "Long Bar". No club "aura" I do not know. I never heard that name. - Reminiscent of the dark story of the last premium "Moose TV" when the "gang" included live sound, and her singing was not very slim, to say the least. - History has been. "Gang" was the only group, refused to have no live sound with a microphone. We put all the vocals. Dominique depressed, I keep in the middle, Ratmir holds the upper hand, improvise Nastia. Now the engineers microphone Ratmir have twice as loud everyone else. Tops turned dominance. And people who do not really understand the music, was an imbalance of lying. Musicians still belongs entirely oblique volume. And on stage sounded reasonable and in the TV turned Ratmir skew direction, singing on the third of the above, the main melody. It is necessary to switch to a live audio such trends. And this year the awards ceremony "Muz-TV" 40 percent live sound. - If from Timur was Timothy? - I was a child almost every name Timothy. Tim, Timothy. Timur, I have rarely mentioned. Beautiful Tatar names - Timur. But he remained - Timati. - A group of "VIP-77", of which many have heard and read, but few have heard their music, there are now? - "VIP 77" - which is a term that deals with actions and brings artists, prescription concepts for various events and places. And even musical group that makes music for himself. We do not want to conquer the land. In April, the B-Club is a presentation of the official first album. Self-Released CD, and give it to them, we give the music your friends. . - In an interview flashed phrase - "I was in the best facilities in Europe." Is that so? - Many people are talking about someone who my parents are. My father is a very rich man, with a long time. Engaged in business. He lifted me very well: you will earn, and achieve everything yourself. The only thing left for you is not about money - to education. And I always had tutors, mugs, wall units, educational travel abroad. And I'm very grateful to him, because without such support in the training, I could not have become who I would have become today. I have visited a wide range of interests, has almost the whole world. I watched as people live, to do business. At age 18, living in Moscow. He graduated from the Higher School of Economics, but left in the third. Since he could not combine studies and music. But as for financial and business plans, I have a friend of mine from childhood Pasha, my business head, and he is familiar in all economic categories. - Show "yuppie for pick-up" - it's for popularity or for the soul? - This is our concept with Irina Mironova, producer of "Moose TV". The idea came at the same time - we wanted to make colorful life. On events, parties, trips. What work - judging by the reviews, how bad. In Moscow, the wave is not very noticeable, and all fit in the province and asked about the details of the transfer. We go to the concerts and presentations, and the TV crew to shoot our lives. - Formulate the hip-hop for you? - For me, hip-hop - the music of life. If you live well, singing about how everything is fine. If you live well - sing about the problems around you. But again, I think we should show the light at the end of the tunnel. Interviewed Guru KEN, NEWSmusic.ru

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